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Nordic Performing Arts Days in Reykjavik, Iceland - 23rd.-26th of. August.

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Performing Arts Iceland is proud to announce the Nordic Performing Arts Days in Reykjavik August 23rd. – 26th. 2012. The Days replace the former Nordic Theatre Days – organized for decades by the Nordic theatre union and now organized in collaboration with the members of the union and other nordic partners.

This time, the whole Nordic performing arts community is invited to come to Reykjavik in August and explore and enjoy the events of the Days and their two collaborating festivals, Lokal international theatre festival and Reykjavik dance festival, taking place at the same time.
The over all theme of the Days is “The creator in Nordic Performing Arts”.

General registration
General registration to take part is now open. The Days are open for all professionals in the Nordic performing arts community. All those wishing to attend please send your NAME, EMAIL and ORGANIZATION DETAILS to Asa Richardsdóttir, project leader. Email: asa@stage.is
Registration is open until August 15th and further practical and content information will be provided on Performing Arts Iceland website www.stage.is in coming weeks. Panels, lectures and various free events will be on offer as well as a discount festival pass. All those registering will receive our newsletters and all practical information by email.
Those wishing to explore the artistic events of the two festivals please visit now www.lokal.is and www.reykjavikdancefestival.is

As part of the days Performing Arts Iceland invites Nordic performing artists of all genres to apply for our six two-day workshops on August 23rd. and 24th. Contact your local collaborator in order to receive an application form. The application must be submitted to  asa@stage.is by May 25th.

The workshops are open to artists of all ages and all forms; playwrights, dance makers, actors, devised creators – any artist working within the performing arts. The wish of the organizer is that each workshop group will be mixed as possible. Performing Arts Iceland collaborates with fellow Nordic organizations in communicating about and selecting workshop attendees.
Our Nordic collaborators are: 
Denmark DANSK ITI and Teaterskolens efteruddannelse
Finland: TINFO – Theatre Info Finland
Norway: Teater og Danscentrum
Sweden: Teaterunionen.
Information about the whole event will also be spread by other Nordic and European collaborators.

About the workshops
The workshops are designed in such a way that they reach as wide a spectrum as possible from the playwright to the dance maker, the actor to the group as a creator. The workshops will be lead by a mix of Nordic and international leaders to introduce as many aspects of the performing arts/ideas/methods of the western world theater as possible to the participants.
The workshops are an important part of our overall aim, to exchange knowledge and experience across the art form, its genres and generations, as well as bring novelties to highlight. The concept and definition of the “author” will have a specific focus; who have been, are, or will be, THE CREATORS in the performing arts?

Those artists selected for the workshops will receive:
• Accommodation during the Days
• Lunch during the two workshop days 
• Free festivals pass to all artistic events

Selected artists will have to pay
• € 20 confirmation fee
• International and local transport
Applicants please note Send in the atttached form by May 25th.
with your contact and professional information to asa@stage.is . Mark in the box provided your first, second and third choice of workshop. A minimum of 8 applicants is need for a workshop to take place. Professional artists of all ages can apply. All workshops will involve a considerable amount of floorwork.
National travel grants might be possible for separate nationalities. Please contact the below national representatives for further information:

Denmark: Kerstin Anderson, ka@teaterskolen.dk , Danish National School of Theatre – Continuing Education.
Finland: Jukka Hyde Hytti, jukka.hytti@tinfo.fi , TINFO, Theatre Info Finland
Norway Christina Friis, christina@scenekunst.no and Tove Bratten tove@scenekunst.no Dance og teatercentrum and the Norwegian Association for Theatres and Orchestras marianne@nto.no
Sweden Lovisa Björkman, lovisa@teaterunionen.se, Teaterunionen

The workshops and leaders are:

Workshop 1
Kai Johnsen (NO) Educated as a stage director at The National College of Dramatic Arts and The University in Oslo. Has directed 50 plays in leading Norwegian and foreign theatres, amongst them more than ten world premieres of plays by Jon Fosse. Kai is the artistic director of The Development department at Dramatikkens hus (National Centre for New Writing for the Stage) in Oslo, Norway. The centre is a pioneer in providing development and new competence for performing artists in new writing. Kai Johnsen will during the workshop draw up on his experience in developing new writing for the stage. Further information: http://www.dramatikkenshus.no/pub/dramatikkenshus/utvikling/?&mid=1855

Workshop 2
She She Pop (GER) is a performance collective based in Berlin. Founded in 1998 by graduates from the applied theatre studies course in Giessen, She She Pop currently has seven permanent members: Sebastian Bark, Johanna Freiburg, Fanni Halmburger, Lisa Lucassen, Mieke Matzke, Ilia Papatheodorou and Berit Stumpf. Their art deals with responsibility and risk. It is a place where performing the self and presenting the art of the everyday bring with them challenges that each of us must rise to. This will be the subject of their workshop. Further information: http://www.sheshepop.de/english/about-us

Workshop 3
Mårten Spångberg (SE) is a performance related artist, choreographer and theoritician living and working in Stockholm. He has been active on stage as performer and creator since 1994. He has thorough experience in teaching both theory and practice. Between 2008 -2012 he was a director of the MA program in choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm. In 2011 his first book "Spangbergianism" was published. The workshop will introduce on a practical as well as discursive level the foundations for choreography as an expanded practice. Choreography as an expanded practice opens for the possibility of choreography as an autonomous capacity, choreography in itself and as such, a detachment from dance, appearance and expression. Further information: http://martenspangberg.org

Workshop 4
Jón Atli Jónasson and Jón Páll Eyjólfsson (ICE) are members of Mindgroup, a group of European theatre makers working in the realm of experimental theatre. Mindgroup is an umbrella foundation that discards traditional roles within the theatre hierarchy. In Mindgroup productions everyone is credited for artistic direction such as directing, stage design and writing. In the workshop they will present their working methods particularly those they have developed during the trilogy: You are here, The good people of Iceland and Zombie Tests and transmissions. Further information: http://www.mindgroup.me

Workshop 5
Tyra Tønnessen ( (NO) is a theatre director and associate professor at The Norwegian Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has directed various work at leading Norwegian theatres. Tyre is a member of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program and has reseached how “The Method of physical actions” (The Stanislawskij-tradition brought futher by Tovstonogov) can be used in theathre. Her workshop will centre around those methods, using texts of Ibsen. Further information: http://www.kunststipendiat.no/index.php/stipendprogram/stipendiater/uteksaminerte_stip endiater/tyra_toennessen

Workshop 6
Ellen Lauren (US) is North America’s foremost teacher in Suzuki method of actor training and Viewpoints. The Suzuki method's principal concern is with restoring the wholeness of the human body and voice to the theatrical context and uncovering the actor's innate expressive abilities. Viewpoints is a technique of improvisation which allows a group of performing artists to function together spontaneously and intuitively and to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. It develops flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement for the both individual and ensemble. Ellen Lauren is associate artistic director of the SITI Company and an ongoing guest artist, for the past 16 years, with the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCoT) under the direction of Tadashi Suzuki. She has taught and performed all over the world. Her workshop will centre on the Suzuki method and Viewpoints. Further information: http://www.siti.org/whoweare.htm#lauren
Our application form is attached. Please send to asa@stage.is by May 25th.