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New Nordic Drama


18.sep 16kl. 17:00  New Nordic Drama

New Nordic Drama

Seks visninger 18/9 kl. 17.00

Experience the best within Nordic theater! New Nordic Drama is a team of professional performing artists gathered to give the audience the best Nordic plays.

5 pm: Readings
Norway: ”Visning” (“The Viewing”) by Cecilie Løveid
Faroe Islands: ”Tóm Rúm” (“Empty rooms”) by Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs

6.30 pm: Break & Soup

7.10 pm: Readings
Sweden: ”People respect me now” by Paula Stenström Öhman
Iceland: ”Segulsvið” (“Magnetic Fields”) by Sigurður Pálsson

8.30 pm: Break & Beer

9.00 pm: Readings
Finland: ”Ihanat Ihmiset” (“Lovely People”) by Antti Hietala
Denmark: ”Soli deo Gloria” by Peter Asmussen


”Visning” (“The Viewing”) by Cecilie Løveid (NO) 
Løveid (1951) is a versatile, innovative writer with a rich repertoire. Her work includes poetry, drama, opera libretti, children´s books and texts for dance and performance. Her plays have been performed several times in Norway and abroad, on theatre stages and on radio and television.

Director: Jens Albinius
Actors: Hauk Heyerdahl og Anne Ryg

Staged for the first time: 2014, National Theatre, Norway
Norwegian jury: The Ibsen Award Jury
English translation by Charlotte Barslund
Publisher: Colombine Teaterförlag

 ”Tóm Rúm” (“Empty rooms”) by Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs (FO)
Kjelnæs (1974) is a Faroese novelist, poet and playwright. She is the author of eight works. Among these are two collections of poems: ”Rót Tripp” (2012) and ”Opna” (2016). She has been nominated and has received both national and international awards, and some of her work has been translated to Nordic languages as well as English, German and French.

Director: Ria Tórgarð
Actors: Nicolaj Falch and Durita Dahl Andreassen

Staged for the first time: 2014, Faroese National Theatre
Faroese jury: Vár Berghamar Jacobsen, Sóley Danielsen and Paula Gaard
English translation by Marita Thomsen
Publisher: Sprotin


”People respect me now” by Paula Stenström Öhman (SE)
Öhman (1972) is a playwright and director and artistic director of the Performing Arts Company Lumor since 2004. She received her education at Bishop Arnö Writing School and Stockholm Film School. She also has an academic background. Öhman was awarded the Stockholm Cultural Award in 2006 and the Henning Mankell scholarship by the Playwrights´ Union in 2015.

Director: Öllegård Cecilia Groundstroem
Actors: Henrik Hellström and Eva Melander

Staged for the first time: 2015, Turteatern, Sweden
Swedish jury: Lis Hellström Sveningson, Anders Duus, Judit Benedek and Birgit Hageby
English translation by Catharina England
Publisher: Colombine Teaterförlag


”Segulsvið” (“Magnetic Fields”) by Sigurður Pálsson (IS)
Pálsson (1948) studied drama and literature in Sorbonne, Paris obtaining maitrise and DEA Diploma in cinema. He now works mainly as a writer, translator and as University professor. He has published fifteen books of poetry and twelve theatre plays that have been staged. He was awarded the Icelandic Theatre Prize (Gríman) for ”Utan gátta” (”Off target”) as Playwright of the Year 2009, the Literary Prize of Icelandic Radio 1999 and the Booksellers´ Prize for Poetry in 2001.

Director: Ria Tórgarð
Actors: Hannes Ólli Agustsson and Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir

Staged for the first time: 2015, National Theatre of Iceland
Icelandic jury: Jórunn Sigurðardóttir, Kristín Ómarsdóttir and Mangnús Þor Þorbergsson
English translation by Salka Gudmundsdóttir
Publisher: Nordiska ApS

”Ihanat Ihmiset” (“Lovely People”) by Antti Hietala (FI)
Hietala (1958) is a playwright and artistic director of Q-teatteri. He has written several plays, mainly for his home theater, Q-teatteri, but also for radio and television. His most recent works are the radio series ”The RawQ”. Hietala usually directs his own work.

Director: Öllegård Cecilia Groundstroem
Actors: Jussi Olavi Nikkilä and Lotta Emilia Kaihua

Staged for the first time: 2014, Q-teatteri, Finland
Finnish jury: TINFO – Theatre Info Finland
English translation by Kristian London
Publisher: Nordic Drama Corner Oy


”Soli deo Gloria” by Peter Asmussen (DK)
Asmussen (1957-2016) is an award winning writer. Since his debut in 1989 with a collection short stories, he has written a number of prosaic works, film scripts, plaus for radio and television as well as librettos. He is one of the most productive and proven Danish dramatists.

Director: Jens Albinus
Actors: Brian Hjulmann Nielsen and Marina Bouras

Staged for the first time: 2015, Betty Nansen, Denmark
Danish jury: Mette Garfield, Jakob Højgaard and Christina Wendelboe
English translation by David Duchin
Publisher: Nordiska ApS


Photo: Anne Rygh and Hauk Heyerdahl from "Visning" by Cecilie Løveid

Partners: The Network for Nordic Performing Arts: TINFO - Theatre Info Finland, Performing Arts Iceland, Husets Teater DK, Swedish teaterunion og Leikarafelag Føroya.

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