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"The Corruption - The Musical" av Nigel Iyer
"Corruption - The Musical" av Nigel Krishna Iyer


17.feb 16kl. 17:00  "Corruption, the musical" av Nigel Yver

"Corruption - The Musical" av Nigel Krishna Iyer

Verksted og visning 17/2 kl. 17

What we can’t talk about we can sing about instead!

Why is corruption so widespread in one of the world’s richest and happiest countries?

At the start of "Corruption - The Musical" our detective is frustrated. He has seen a lot over the past 25 years and everything he finds ends up in someone´s drawer, gathering dust. Whatever he finds changes nothing. Then the detective stumbles across a case which, for him, has a cocktail of everything. A great detective and writer from the turn of the last century, a lavish musical, the scenographer who hated money but was proud of her secret roots to one of our 4 great national writers, money salted away in the Cayman islands and other dirty money centers, and and the fighting over this money that started after she suddenly died.

Rejuvenated, our detective embarks on an ambitious project to expose the true extent of corruption in Norway through his own musical, but in a way where nobody gets hurt. But someone is going to get hurt and if he is not careful he will be the first in line. The people don´t want his reminders of the “spirits of corruption past, present and future”. They don´t want to sing and dance about it. When someone steals they want blood on the carpet. His musical has become a monster who he no longer controls and the only alternative is to kill it before he and his monster do any more damage. If he´s lucky he can save the title track “Greed´s a Bitch” by renaming it “Glad to be Rich”. Life´s a musical and we should keep it that way… is there any point in stirring the pot and pissing off the people in power?

Does his message: “Everyone can be a detective – lets wake up to corruption” have any future at all or is it just the babblings of a confused, over-qualified deluded wanna-be superhero. You decide for yourself.

Cast and crew: Nigel Krishna Iyer, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Kai Johnsen, Sigrun Merete Mongstad, Vibeke Harper, Tine Asmundsen, Ingrid Lilja Arntzen, Frank Havrøy, Prabin Chandran, Henriette Vedel.

Publisert: 05.01.16 14:57