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"Punch & Judy in Afghanistan" by Neville Tranter


14.des 15kl. 19:30  "Punch & Judy in Afghanistan" by Neville Tranter

"Punch & Judy in Afghanistan" by Neville Tranter

Gjestespill kl. 1930

Billetter kjøpes HER

Nigel, a puppeteer, has come to Afghanistan to entertain the allied  troops. His assistant, Emile, has gone missing. Nigel's search for his assistant brings him to Tora Bora, where he meets Punch Bin Laden. Nigel finds himself in extreme danger and finds out what has happened to Emile. Besides the naive Nigel we meet a heartless television reporter, who is only interested in scoops, and a nervous UN-soldier, who is clearly not adapted to the harshness of Afghanistan. The camel keeper makes money, by renting his camel to westerners. But there is anger smouldering in him against the foreigners. Death, in the shape of a djinn (a spirit), assures Nigel that he will get to know him soon. Punch Bin Laden and his bloodthirsty wife, Judy, amuse themselves  playing cat and mouse with Nigel. But Nigel will escape and can tell the Americans where to find Bin Laden!

Neville Tranter, with his Stuffed Puppet Theatre, goes back to the roots of traditional puppetry, using a booth. He wants to preserve the fun and directness of traditional puppet theatre, while exploring a more profound theme: what happens when naivité and cynicism meet? Tranter (1955, Toowoomba, Australia) completed his drama studies with the US director Robert Gist in Queensland in 1976, having also trained with the Billbar Puppet Theatre. He founded the Stuffed Puppet Theatre the same year. His combination of down to earth humour, deadly seriousness and virtuoso puppetry has already made permanent converts of may who had presumed that for them, puppetry had nothing to offer.

Gjestespillet er invitert av Oslo Nye Teater og Dramatikkens hus.


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