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DUB LEVIATHAN! Versjon# 3 av Tore Vagn Lid


27.sep 14kl. 18:00  Begrenset med plasser. Gratis

DUB LEVIATHAN! Versjon# 3 av Tore Vagn Lid

Innkikk i pågående arbeidsprosess


With DUB Leviathan! the Norwegian director and playwright Tore Vagn Lid and his company Transiteatret (Tt-B) are experimenting with the development and production of the concept “Scenic DUB” - as a new music dramatic genre.

During the coming seasons (fall-14/spring 15) the “DUB”- team including musicians, sound designers, dub-organizer, visual artists, actors, singers, animator etc., will have a one-year laboratory process – culminating in different performances (DUB-versions) presented in a number of cities/venues. Each DUB-version displaces centers of gravity between different theatrical and musical parameters in order to shape new dramaturgical strategies.

DUB Leviathan! Version #3 is composed and produced by Transiteatret in a collaboration with among others Sisu Percussion, Dramatikkens Hus, The Artistic Research Program /KHIO and Aust Agder Fylkeskommune.

Coming up: In November/December and February a fourth and fifth version will be added to the DUB-Leviathan mix, before in May and June, a complete DUB-Leviathan scenic album will be presented in Bergen (time and place to be announced)

Video from “DUB Leviathan version#1 (JudasDUB) at Stamsund International Theatre Festival May 2014: https://vimeo.com/105898529

Free entrance

DUB Leviathan! - prosjektet er et samarbeid mellom Transiteatret-Bergen, Sisu, Dramatikkens hus, Prosjektprogrammet/KHIO, Aust-Agder Fylkeskommune,  m.fl.