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A Dance Tribute to Margaret Thatcher


06.sep 13kl. 21:00  billetter@dramatikkenshus.no

A Dance Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Johnny Johnson is back!

With Johnny Johnson's Election Services  in 2009, Johnson was invited to Oslo as 'one of Europe's most down-to-earth thinkers' to give audiences a rough guide to the national election in Norway that year.

In  A Dance Tribute To Margaret Thatcher, Johnson returns to  Norwegian shores to navigate the pre-election political landscape, and wonders what Norway might look like with a right wing female Prime minister.

As Johnson once elegantly said of Margaret Thatcher:

"That bastard broke England's heart  ... "

Johnny Johnson's particular brand of human politics have delighted and outraged Norwegian audiences since 2004.  He  is the creation of  dramatist and performer Kate Pendry.

Pendry is one Dramatikkens hus writers-in-residence 2013 - 2015.

Performed in English.
Running time: 120 minutess
With: Kate Pendry, Mai Lise Rasmussen, Suzie Davies

Written by Kate Pendry
Choreography: Suzie Davies, Mai Lise Rasmussen.